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Engineering & Audiovisual

Enabling by AESA as Operator with Drones-UAV’s

Call us is enabled by the State Agency of Aviation Safety (AESA) as Operator Drones-RPAs, through Rafael Zumalabe.

Engineering company dedicated to the field of cartography, aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry, GIS and remote sensing.

We use new technologies with drones – UAVs, to perform topo-photogrammetric surveys and to obtain geomatic products, digital cartography and all the associated product.

Our field of action has been in heritage environments such as archaeological sites, castles, caves, land surveys.

We also use this technology in agriculture through the use of remote sensing with drones capable of capturing multispectral images and thus obtaining their indices of NDV vegetation.

We offer services of capturing images and videos for monitoring works, surveillance, the audiovisual world and teaching in the field.